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2nd & Fairmount 1806
2nd & Fairmount 1805
2nd & Fairmount in 1806 (from a watercolor by Benjamin R. Evans in 1883). At the time Fairmount Avenue was known as Coates Street. The large building where the 700 is now located is identified in this picture as the Town Hall.
2nd & Fairmount in 1805 (from a watercolor by Benjamin R. Evans in 1887). In this picture the town hall is identified as Patterson's Church. The Market Shed is a reminder that 2nd Street was the Headhouse Square of Northern Liberties.
2nd & Fairmount 1914
2nd & Fairmount 1934
The once stately market shed had been reduced to a shabby state when this photo was taken in 1914.
By 1934, the market shed was gone.
2nd & Fairmount 1955
2nd & Fairmount 1955
By 1955, even the trolley round-about seems to be gone.
Before it became a bar in 1997, the building that is the 700 was the location of a poultry butcher, as shown in this photo from 1955.
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